Ford teams up with Waze navigation app

Driving around places like Columbus, OH is always an adventure. If it's the weekend and you're just driving to your heart's desires then it's a fun adventure. If you need to get to work or an important event on time then "adventure" takes on that other, less positive tone.

Always on the cutting edge, Ford has teamed up with the smartphone navigation program Waze to bring another tool to the masses! If you have Ford's SYNC® 3 you can now plug in your phone and Waze displays on the touchscreen, rather than using the brand's navigation system or having to get a cell phone holder.

Now, there is nothing wrong with the standard SYNC® 3 navigation offering, and it'll help you get from Dublin to Hilliard and back no problem. However, Waze is unique in that it crowd sources information. Say you live in the Grove City area. Fellow drivers can input information about traffic, crashes, or hazards that can slow you down. You can also quickly see if alternative routes will get you to your destination faster so you don't have to gamble on making a turn that might leave you worse off.

At Roush Ford we love that Ford is partnering with other brands to make the driving experience richer and give people what they want. This upgrade will be coming shortly to 2018 Ford models that have SYNC®3 version 3.0 or higher. If you end up needing help with this upgrade, visit our dealership. We'll get you set up, running, and "Wazing" all over Ohio.

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