Is a Ford sedan or SUV the right choice for you?

If you're in the market for your next vehicle one of the biggest things to figure out is what type of body style you want, and popular ones at Roush Ford include sedans and SUVS. If you really need a lot of cargo space and the ability to tow around Columbus then going with an SUV is the obvious choice, but if those things aren't huge factors then keep reading. You might be surprised which one is a better fit you and your lifestyle needs!

Benefits of owning a sedan

Pay less at the pump: fuel saving technology has gotten better over the years, but for the most part a sedan is always going to have better fuel ratings than a larger SUV. If you commute far from your home in Dublin to get into work, like to go on road trips with a friend, or have a tight budget, a sedan is great choice.

Their time is numbered: sorry for the ominous title, but it's true. In a few years Ford will be phasing out all their sedans, except for the Mustang and the upcoming Ford Focus Active. We're sure the sedan body style will become a hot ticket in pre-owned inventories, but if you don’t want to fight off eager shoppers then now's the time to get one.

Benefits of owning an SUV

More room: and we aren't just talking about cargo space, since we already mentioned that caveat above. Like sedans, there are some SUVS that still only fit 5 people, but because an SUV is bigger passengers will have more wiggle room. This is key for families, like those we serve from the Hilliard area, as well as taller drivers who might feel cramped in a sedan. On select three-row SUVS you can seat 7 or 8 passengers.

High-horse status: just like taller shoppers will love the extra legroom in an SUV, it's not uncommon to see shorter shoppers checking out vehicles like the Ford Explorer. This is because the higher seating position can give this shopper base a better viewpoint of the road ahead.

Still on the fence about which vehicle you want to bring back to your Grove City home? No problem! Stop into our dealership this week to test drive a few of our sedans and SUVS.

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