Find a Used Car That Holds Its Value at Roush Ford

Do used cars hold their value? It's likely a question on your mind if you're shopping our used inventory. One of the elements that makes the experience of buying and owning a used car different from buying a new car is what happens to a car's value during its first few years after rolling off the assembly line. So, when it comes to value retention, you're likely to notice a few things about buying used that will hold your attention.

Here's a quick look at the difference between buying new and buying used when it comes to how well they hold their value!

Used Cars and Value Retention

All cars are a bit different regarding how tight their grip is on their value. However, one thing that is generally true across the board is that brand-new cars take the hardest depreciation hit as soon as you buy one and roll off the lot with it. After the first five years or so, a car starts to depreciate more slowly.

So, what does that mean for used car shoppers? It means that you get to enjoy lower prices, slower depreciation, and a better value. Since most used cars have already endured that first big depreciation hit and found the point where their value depreciates slower, you get to reap the benefits when you decide to take one home to Dublin or Hilliard.

Where Can I Find a Used Car near Me?

Our Ford dealership in Columbus is happy to help drivers from here to Grove City and beyond with the process of hunting for a used car that holds its value well. Our inventory is home to a huge selection of exceptional choices, so please feel free to visit us to get a better look at our inventory and learn more about your favorite picks!

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