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Leasing VS Buying

Should I buy or lease? What's the difference?

Leasing is a way to have a new Ford for three years. There are limitations about mileage (usually around 10K-12K miles a year), but you do pay less each month than you would with buying and you can get into a newer vehicle more frequently.

Buying is more expensive, but you if drive well beyond Dublin on a regular basis you won't have to worry about sticking to mileage restrictions. Another benefit of buying is what even though you pay more monthly, usually within 5 years you'll be free of a car payment! You can also buy used vehicles, which you cannot do with a lease.

Breakdown the differences between new and used vehicles

New Vehicles: these have never had an owner before. They cost the most, but you get to know exactly what your vehicle has been through. Many shoppers value that peace of mind as much as having the newest technologies, features, and looks.

Used vehicles: have had a least one owner before. Depending on the model it could be recent, a bit older, or have a lot of miles. Used vehicles have a CARFAX history report for insight to what the model has been through. A benefit of buying used is that they cost less than a new vehicle. If you do have more disposable income, buying used allows you to get fancier models/higher trim levels while still saving.

Ask the Experts!

Questions Surrounding Auto Financing

What should I keep in mind before applying for credit approval?

  • Budget: look at your income, your expenses, and see how much you can afford when shopping for a car. Don't forget to consider the costs of insurance and service estimates.
  • Lifestyle: make sure you're buying a vehicle that actually fits your lifestyle. For example, you might want a Mustang, but if you have a new family a Ford Escape or Ford Explorer might be the better option to get around Grove City in.
  • Financing Application: if you want to pre-qualify for financing you don't need to submit your social security number. With a full financing application you'll provide your SSN# and we'll do a hard pull of your credit. Keep this in mind if you're shopping several other brands, as it can affect your rating.

Common Service Questions

Some brands are built more reliably than others, and Ford is one of them! That said, even cars with solid engineering need help staying in tip-top shape. That's why we strongly encourage owners and lessees to come into our Columbus service center for scheduled maintenance and any necessary repairs.

Below are common ones that customers tend to have the most questions about.

Why are oil changes important and how often do I need one?

Oil moves through the vehicle to lubricate important components and help keep the engine cool. Over time, oil picks up debris and becomes gummier. If you skip too many oil changes, the engine can overheat and even warp, which will put a big damper in your Hilliard commute and potentially cost thousands in repairs.

Check the owner's manual to see the oil change interval for your specific Ford model, though most should come in around 7,500-miles to stay up to date. Come in at least once a year if you're a low-mileage lessee, even if you don't hit that number or see the engine oil light.

When should I change my battery?

Batteries typically last four years, though cold winters can shorten the lifespan by a few months. Another factor is short commutes. Say you only drive five miles into your Grove City job. Your battery might not have time to fully charge, which can result in a shorter life. That's why we suggest battery checks starting around three years.

Here are some other signs your battery might be on its way out:

  • Your Ford struggles to turn over after you press the push button start or turn the key
  • You notice the lights, radio, or dash board flickering
  • You've had to get your car jumped a few times after leaving the lights on

How often should I get new tires?

Most drivers need new tires every three to four years due to tread wear. Even if you keep your commutes short and still have tread after three years, it's suggested to not have tires for more than five years, as there could be structural degradation that you won't notice.

Because tires aren't the cheapest purchase, we'll help you lengthen their life span with regular tire rotations to help them evenly. We can also help with any seasonal tire changes from all-season tires to winter tires for better traction for your Dublin drives.